Visualize the state of health between health checkups and the onset of symptoms.

Once lifestyle-related diseases manifest, they require ongoing and resource-intensive treatment, impacting not only one’s finances and time but also their daily work and life. Preventing lifestyle-related diseases is a crucial concern for individuals and businesses. However, since the risk of lifestyle-related diseases varies significantly from person to person, attempting to provide universally effective advice often results in generalized content. This is where future health assessments come in handy. By identifying high-risk individuals who may develop lifestyle-related diseases in the future based on one year’s worth of health assessment results, health guidance can be conducted with greater focus and efficiency, thus enhancing its effectiveness.

What Is Future Health Assessment?

Future health assessment is a service that predicts the risk of lifestyle diseases over the next 1 to 6 years, using numerical values ranging from 0% to 100%, based on the results of the most recent regular health checkup. The targeted diseases include diabetes, hypertension, lipid abnormalities, kidney dysfunction, liver dysfunction, and obesity, totaling six types.

<Prediction Method>
We utilize a disease risk prediction AI developed by Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation. This AI, trained on approximately 200,000 people’s seven years’ worth of health checkup and receipt data, predicts the probability of abnormal test parameters related to the targeted lifestyle diseases over the next 1 to 6 years, using numerical values from 0% to 100%. [Example of Achievement: A 96% accuracy in predicting the risk of developing diabetes within 3 years.

To Individual Customers

Future health assessment can be applied for by individuals. You can analyze the risk of lifestyle-related diseases based on a year’s worth of health examination reports. Additionally, upon request, we conduct monthly advice and follow-up on dietary improvements by registered dietitians, providing support to help improve your values in the next health examination.

Method 1 for Identification of high-risk individuals.

Even if a health examination receives a B rating, there may be significant differences in disease risk among individuals. By identifying high-risk individuals and encouraging them to reconsider their lifestyle, and by providing health guidance tailored to their individual circumstances, we can prevent a transition to a C rating and help them return to an A rating.

Method 2 for Identifying Key Areas to Focus on in the Future

Future health assessments allow organizations to determine which lifestyle diseases have a higher risk across the entire organization. This can be beneficial when deciding on key initiatives in Health and Productivity Management.Additionally, for individuals, having specific numerical data about the risk of lifestyle diseases can serve as a catalyst for leading a more health-conscious life.

Q&A: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Please provide an estimate for the cost per case.
A: If the health examination results are in CSV format, it costs 990 yen (tax included), and if you want the analysis to be done from a PDF file, it is an additional 660 yen (tax included). The cost may also vary depending on the number of diseases to be analyzed and the number of individuals to be analyzed.

Q: Can I understand the basis of the numerical results?
A: The numerical results are generated by AI based on extensive data learning, making it difficult to explicitly identify which test parameters influenced the results. However, the service is designed to provide easy and continuous risk analysis with high accuracy using regular health assessment results without the need for specialized test values.

Q: Is it possible to analyze only a specific group of employees rather than the entire organization?
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: Is it necessary to include individual names in the analysis?
A: No, it is not necessary. You can provide the data with individual names replaced by numbers or other identifiers.

As an initiative to identify individuals with health issues early,

The system employed throughout the entire organization to monitor the physical condition and sleep status can be used for the early detection of individuals with health issues and to enhance communication.

Here is the “Physical Condition & Sleep” Status Check System for employees in the medical office and health room.

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